Biscuit Equipment

Biscuit Equipment – vast choice

We offer machines for different types of biscuits and cakes. All of them are easy to use and reliable that guarantees safety and continuity of the production process. They are can be used in small and large confectionaries

The equipment can be adjusted to production plans. We make biscuit equipment for biscuits of different consistency, one or multi-coloured as well as decorated and stuffed ones.

We construct and sell:

High quality equipment made of acid-resistant material. The equipment is suitable for biscuits and cookies of different consistency (half-solid or half-liquid). Biscuits patterns, lengths and shapes as well as roller width (number of rows) depends on the request. Sugar or nut sprinkles are optional.

Professional equipment made of acid-resistant material. The machines are dedicated for biscuits such as: pastry dough with filling, gingerbread sticks, pastry dough sticks, butter cookies.  The machines are equipped with forming and filling jets. Width of each machine depends on the request.

Biscuit Equipment – The Highest Quality

We use only high quality materials provided by recognized Polish and foreign companies. Each machine characterizes with unique style, ergonomics and implementation of modern technologies.


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Głowica formująca do ciastek kruchych i piernikowych

Głowica formująca do ciastek kruchych i piernikowych


Kombajn do produkcji ciastek Wytłaczarko nadziewarka

Kombajn do produkcji ciastek - wytłaczarko nadziewarka


Nadziewarka typu Rheon

Nadziewarka typu Rheon