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PROMET - Producer of Confectionary Equipment

Professional ovens guarantee the quality of confectionary products. We have been designing and producing confectionary equipment for years. Our company provides solutions for bakeries, confectioneries and other sweet manufacturing businesses.

Meeting Expectations

Years of experience together with excellent knowledge of the industry make our equipment meet needs and expectations of the most demanding clients. Their growing number is the best evidence of our quality and efficiency.


Our confectionery ovens are functional, durable and reliable. They are also extremely efficient, precise and easy in maintenance. Secret of their efficiency and precision lays in modern control systems that allow better management of production process.


We provide confectionary equipment for industries, such as bakery and mass production of packed sweets. Our offer includes wide range of professional machines – ovens for baking biscuits, very accurate biscuit machines as well as conveyors and U shape conveyors for factories and big bakeries.


We address our offer to small, medium and large companies operating in bakery and confectionary industry. We meet expectations of clients looking for high efficiency and high quality of final product. See our offer for more details.