Lines for Chocolate and Icings, Ball Mill

Ball Mill –  Learn More about PROMENT Confectionary Equipment

Ball mill is widely used in bakeries and confectioneries. The mill is equipped with balls of different diameter which work as grinders. For this reason it`s commonly used for grinding semi-hard and soft ingredients. It can also grin dry and wet ingredients. That makes it a perfect component for production lines, especially widely-used lines for chocolate.

Chocolate and Icing Production

We design and produce complete production lines for chocolate and different types of icings. We create solutions fully-adjusted to the needs of work environment. That makes our production lines suitable for small and large confectioneries. Their additional asset is modern control system, which helps to improve performance of the line and in the same time reduce production costs. Trying to meet diversified needs and expectations of your clients we offer extended as well as compact production lines that we can adjust you your individual requests. That makes our lines for chocolate the most convenient on the market. They are solutions designed and manufactured for companies valuing high quality, ease of usage and durability. All parts of chocolate production lines are med from high quality materials.

Ball Mill on Request

We offer high quality ball mills designed and produced on special request. Considering different needs of work environment we can design a mill in any size with different types of agitators. All our machines are made from high quality acid-resistant materials and comply the UE requirements for food industry.


  • dimensions – on request
  • made in stainless-steel / acid-resistant materials
  • type of agitators – on request


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