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Container for Heating and Storage of Icing, Couverture and Creams

We are continuously looking for new solutions which would enrich our offer with machines meeting users’ requirements. One of such solution is a container for heating and storage icing, couverture and cream. Our containers can be used for storing product imitating chocolate, fillings, and pasts of different types.

Container is irreplaceable in preparation ingredients requiring stirring and heating. Thanks to special construction of the container products don’t stick to its walls and don`t burn. The container is also able to hold the product in perfect temperature for a long time.


  • maintaining constant temperature of product
  • holding product in liquid state for a long time after turned off
  • heated funnel
  • made in stainless-steel / acid-resistant materials
  • equipped with temperature control
  • mobility
  • agitators and dimensions of the container – od request


All the machines offer well-thought construction, high aesthetics and easy usage. That leads to flawless and efficient heating and storage of confectionary icings. After being turned off the machine maintain given temperature of the product for a defined time, then it turns off the heating mode not to spoil the product. Thanks to automatic function of turning of the heating and leaving stirring in operating mode the container won`t burn or overheat the product.

All machines have full technical documentation and comply with the UE requirements for machines for food industry.


  • dimensions – on request
  • made in stainless-steel / acid-resistant materials
  • type of agitators – on request

We will advise you on each issue regarding confectionary equipment.