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Pass-through Ovens

Pass-through Oven – Irreplaceable in Baking Confectionary

Production of high quantity of confectionary requires a bigger oven. Pass-through oven is a perfect solution. It is equipped with mobile baking belt, which improves performance by enabling us to bake more products.

We have designed and produce confectionery ovens for years. Our ovens are reliable and durable. They guaranty excellent performance and uniformity of baking. Each oven offers wide functionality, modern control system and full conformity with the UE requirements.


We produce ovens with specific parameters:

  • width of baking line:  from 200 to 1500 mm
  • heating agent: natural gas, LPG, oil, electricity
  • belt made by Sandvik
  • construction: exterior covered with panels in stainless-steel
  • length of the oven – on request

Why to choose a tunnel oven?

Choice of confectionary oven plays an essential part in each confectionary. Choosing pass-through oven by PROMET you gain guaranty of high performance, reliability and high quality of ready product as well as low maintenance costs that will improve competitiveness of your offer.

Features of a good confectionery oven: 

  • quality of construction and relevant parameters
  • wide range of application
  • optimal maintenance costs (dozens of years perspective)
  • quick service (reducing losses caused by keeping production process on hold)

Quality Warranty

Functionality and reliability of pass-through ovens together with high quality of ready products gave our ovens world-wide popularity.

We will advise you on each issue regarding confectionary equipment.