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Production Lines

Production Lines for Biscuits and Cookies

Production lines for biscuits and cookies provide repeatability of the production process and reduce working time. Each line can contain: extruders, pass-through oven, cooling conveyor, line for multilayer products, coaters, decorating machines and packaging machines. Length of the table as well as line equipment and performance depend on the request.
Our cake production lines are meant to meet diverse demands of various work environments. For this reason we create highly adjustable solutions that can consist of any number of big and small devices. Assembling the devices into an easy-to-operate cake production line allows us to create efficient solutions for both, small and large confectionaries.
We design and create cake production lines dedicated to various purposes – form rather fixed lines for certain products to lines designed and created on your request.

Our offer includes:

  • lines for muesli

The machine consists of: system placing grains on the oven belt, pass-through oven, cooling system, crusher with adjustable size of granule and conveyors. Each line is designed to fully meet the requirements and demands of the production process – from shape of muesli to its size and extra ingredients.

  • lines for biscuits with jelly “Delicja”

The line consists of: dough beater, turbo mixer, dosing device, pass-through oven, jelly dosing device, storage container, conveyors for sorting and placing biscuits under the dosing line, cooling tunnels and coater. Each cake production line for “Delicja” is prepared to achieve the best possible flavour as well as certain visual assets of the biscuits.

  • lines for sticks

The device contains forming mechanism and pass-through oven. The mechanism is equipped with forming tool which presses sticks, container for hydroxide solution bath, knife and salter. Each production line for sticks can be adjusted to the thickness as well as length of the snack we want to obtain. The salter may be replaced with device for different toppings such as poppy seeds or sesame seeds.

Quality Warranty

Our lines have firm construction and are easy to use. Computer control system improves their functionality and performance. Those help to safe time and reduce production costs. All lines are made from acid-resistant materials.

All machines have full technical documentation and comply with the UE requirements for machines for food industry.

We will advise you on each issue regarding confectionary equipment.