Conveyors: angle, spiral, straight

As an owner of sweets factory you are responsible for its proper equipment. In our offer you will find different types of conveyors – angle, spiral and straight. Thanks to them your factory works faster and more effective. If you order them in our company you will be able to adjust their width and length you your individual needs.

In food processing it is important to use acid-resistant conveyors, like ours. Our machines have firm construction made of durable and strong materials which guarantee their long exploitation, while their flawless work is provided by application of modern technology.

We offer different types of conveyors. In our offer you will find straight conveyors that are widely used in big areas. If your factory is rather small you will probably take advantage of spiral or angle conveyors. Our machines will suit your needs surely.


  • made in stainless-steel / acid-resistant materials
  • length and width – on request


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