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Coating and Decorating Equipment, Cooling Tunnels

Sales in confectionary industry depends on the first impression. That’s why appetizing appearance of sweets and confectionary is so important. You can achieve it thanks to professional equipment, such as chocolate coating machine, decorating machine or cooling tunnel.

Chocolate Coating Machine

Chocolate coating machine is a professional device responsible for coating ready product with chocolate. The machine cooperates with different types of icings.

W offer chocolate coating machines enable top and bottom coating of products. All our machines are made with acid-resistant materials and equipped with modern control systems. That ensures high performance as well as low maintenance costs.

Decorating Equipment

Decorating equipment usually takes shape of extensions or extras to other confectionery machines. Coater with decorating machine enables to decorate products with chocolate, couverture, icing and gel.

We offer high quality decorating machines equipped with modern control systems that allow accurate dosing of decorating agent. Facilities such as adjustable arm of extension and different endings allow unique decoration of products regardless their sizes.

Cooling Tunnels

Cooling tunnels are dedicated for cooling products that are coated or decorated either with chocolate or couverture. Cooling tunnels use cold air.

We offer cooling tunnels designed as separate machines or machines integrated with coaters. All our tunnels are equipped with modern control systems that help to increase confectionery efficiency and reduce production costs.

Special Orders

Machines such as chocolate coating machine, decorating machines and cooling tunnels are design on special request. We adjust width and length of each machine to the working environment. That makes our solutions suitable for small and large confectioneries.

We will advise you on each issue regarding confectionary equipment.