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Spiral Conveyor

Professional Confectionary Equipment – Learn More about PROMENT Spiral Conveyors

Spiral, straight and angle conveyors as well as U shape conveyors are widely used in confectioneries, bakeries and candy factories. Their main task is to transport row material. In confectionery industry spiral conveyors are often used to transport ready products. Width and length of the conveyor helps to transport them safety from the production and decoration place to the cooler or packaging place.

We produce our conveyors with acid-resistant materials with temperature resistance. That makes them suitable for transporting products from ovens and refrigerator rooms. They are all integrated with modern control systems and comply with the UE requirements for confectionary equipment.

Spiral Conveyors on request

All types of conveyors we design on request, adjusting their lengths and widths to specific requirements of the working environment. We also construct heating and cooling conveyors. That makes our spiral conveyors efficient for small and large confectioneries, where they allow increasing the performance as well as reducing the costs of ready products.


  • made in stainless-steel / acid-resistant materials
  • length and width – on request
  • built as heating or cooling

We will advise you on each issue regarding confectionary equipment.